Meet the official Mountain High Broncs & Bulls Drill Team!

[On horse back from left to right: Brianna Micka, Riley Ferre, Caitilin Robb, Riley Wilcox,
Maddi Tracy- Mallory, Beth Anderson, Kacie Young, Anna Rinehart, Destiny Barney;
standing in front coaches Jessica Anderson and Vixen Radford-Wecks]

The adventures of the Riding High and Riding Hard Broncs & Bulls Drill Team began in 2014 with a few riders that has grown to 14 members, super supported by a group of parents, family and friends.

The young ladies who are all from Wallowa County come from all different age groups and areas of the horse world. With the youngest being eleven and the oldest 30, some grew up on working ranches moving cattle, some with roping Dads or Grandpas, and others come with extraordinary 4-H backgrounds. As members of the drill team they all come together with one passion in common: The love of horses and riding!

Something else that is special about the Broncs and Bulls Drill Team is that many of the girls are super active in school sports, and some attend college out of state, thus they only get a small window to practice as a team prior to the events.

Practice takes place at Dun the Right Way Horses just outside of Enterprise when Wallowa County weather permits it. Wallowa County springs can be hot one day and covered with snow or rainstorms the next; hence the ladies have learned to practice in everything from pouring rain and snowstorms to wind and dust blowing across the arena.

The drill team will be performing two drills during at this year’s Mountain High Broncs & Bulls one if which is during the opening ceremony and will feature eight of the riders packing the association flags and during intermission when the drill team will have 10 riders packing American Flags while paying tribute to their falling team member Nicole Winn who was team Captain.

In addition to Mountain High Broncs & Bulls, the group has attended the Aostin County Fair Parade this April where they took second place in their first parade promoting MHBB. The plan is to attend additional parades in Elgin and at Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

Team Members are Kacie Young- Captain, Beth Anderson, Tiffany George, Destiny Barney, Brianna Micka, Riley Ferre, Rylee Wilcox, Casidee Harrod, Bailey Dutcher, Maddie Tracy-Mallory, Caitlin Robb, Anna Rinehart, Libby Fisher, Deidre Schreiber.

Coaches: Vixen Radford-Wecks and Jessica Anderson

Drill Sponsor for shirts is Rocking 11 Ranch

Hope you all come out and see the young ladies ride!