Professional Photographer Angelika-Dietrich

Professional Photographer Angelika Ursula Dietrich. Picture courtesy Charity Ketscher Photography

I don’t think I have been without a camera since the age of sixteen. Starting out as a young and very enthusiastic photographer during horse shows in Bavaria, Germany, I developed a passion not only for equines themselves, but also to capture precious equestrian moments on camera.

When I wasn’t in the saddle, I was shooting pictures.

My first camera was a manual SLR Canon, and two zoom lenses. I learned it the “good old way” from setting the scene to aperture and timing. From what I remember, all my money went either into horse tack or photography expenses.

After many years of personal photography ventures in the United States and Germany, I decided to walk the professional photographer’s path, so that many more equine and outdoor enthusiasts can share the special moments of equine, child photography and the great outdoors.

Today, I live in beautiful Wallowa County, where I try to find a balance with a busy schedule attending community, equine, and rodeo events and maintaining my own Web Development and Multi Media Projects as owner of  Eagle Cap Media Productions and  publisher of Wallowa Valley Online.

With more than 20 years of experience in equine and outdoor photography, I can offer all of my clients professional images that will enhance their businesses sites, homes and training facilities.

~Angelika Dietrich

Angelika’s photography work has been displayed at Art Gallery Festivals, in private businesses, as well as for display advertisement for many clients in and out of Wallowa County and KWVR AM/FM Radio in Enterprise, Oregon, where she worked in news, photography & webmaster for Lee and Carol Lee Perkins.

Angelika’s Specialties:

Rodeo Action, Equine Shows, Farm Calls,
Community Events, High School Sports,
Outdoor Photography,

Website development for your individual needs

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